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  • Japan | Geiko, Maiko and Kareoke

    My day began at 6:30am (again). With the same routine as the previous days too. Nothing really special, only change is that I didn’t Skype my parents (which was weird). It was raining today, a wet Kyoto is not very fun especially since I walk pretty much everywhere. Thankfully it was just wet and not […]

  • Japan | Day 19

    I would be a liar if I said that today was fun. My day, like usual, began at 6:30ish, I got ready, ate breakfast (toast and eggs),  skyped my lovely folks, got on the number 12 bus and headed to Ritsumeikan. It might have well been a regular day at FIU (minus the breakfast making, […]

  • Japan | Noh

    Today I woke up because my roommate told to get up ( I slept through both our alarms). It was a really productive morning, but 7:25 I was ready, fed, and speaking to my parents through FaceTime. I sorta wish it was like that every day. I even got to the bus stop early…meaning I […]

  • Japan | Osaka

    Today was extremely fun! It began around 7:30am where I got up and cooked breakfast and got ready to be out of the accommodations by 8:45 to meet with Mika. We met around 9ish in Karasuma station and got on the train that headed to Umeda Station…aka Osaka. The train ride took about 45 minutes […]

  • Japan | Nara and Kyoto Tower

    Today I woke up at 7:30, which is an hour later than usual. (It was fantastic!). The schedule for today was Nara and deer. Nara is really well known for the “Deer Park” they have along with Todai-ji. I was super pump cause I was going to see a bunch of bambis. I went on […]

  • Japan | UniQlo and Le Jazz

    Waking up is getting a bit harder everyday, my lack of sleep is catching up to me and it is pretty bad. I made french toast for breakfast and it woke me up a bit (I made sure to put a bunch of sugar!) Then I went off to catch my bus. I am very […]

  • Japan | New Yukatas and Friends.

    The only reason that I woke up at a decent time today was because my dad texted me about 6:30is (maybe) telling me to wake up. (How did he know I was still asleep? Beats me). I woke up a little stressed because my video did not process while I slept so I had to […]

  • Japan | Taiko, Karaoke and Omurice

    I woke up at 6:20, but laid in till 6:35ish. I want to have a day where I can sleep in for a good 10 hours, but that would a total waste of my time in Japan! For breakfast I had the mighty toast and eggs once again! (Thank the lord I don’t grow sick […]

  • Japan | Nijo Castle

    I think my sleep deprivation is finally catching up to me. Today I was suppose to get up at 6:20 once again, but I had a lie in till 6:40 because I could not get my eyes to stay open. It was bound to happen eventually, but I hate feeling so bleh in the mornings. […]

  • Japan | Arashiyama

    My day was suppose to begin at 6:20 but I stayed in bed till 6:30ish. I don’t know why, but this morning I was so tired that later I had a hard time staying awake in class! (I even slept on the bus to Ritsumeikan!). For breakfast I had leftover pancakes and scrambled eggs. (At […]