Japan | New Yukatas and Friends.

The only reason that I woke up at a decent time today was because my dad texted me about 6:30is (maybe) telling me to wake up. (How did he know I was still asleep? Beats me). I woke up a little stressed because my video did not process while I slept so I had to make breakfast for my roommate and I (and the dishes…cause I do both…), I also had to go through my morning routine and get ready for school. It is a lot to do in an hour and a half. But, I survived! I had two slices of toast with marmelade, apple juice and half a cup of green tea. And of course, my video uploaded (thank freaking god) just in time to run to the bus stop.

Today was the day that I was going to be told if I was able to move a level or not…and guess what…I moved up!! I got 19.5/20 on the quiz, and I felt super accomplished (I miss .5 because I spelt America wrong). Unfortunately, I am super behind. The class has already covered 3 chapters and there are a bunch of new grammar and words that I do not know. Hopefully I can catch up this weekend with the help of Pam and Elaine (they’ve been in that class since the beginning). They were reviewing the new grammar and I felt extremely overwhelmed. The last hour of class buddies came in to chat with us so we could practice our Japanese.

Daisuke was the one we got to chat with. Which was a relieve, because Daisuke is the definition of great. He is a Japanese Literature major who works in the Harry Potter section at Universal Studios in Osaka. He loves instrumental music, shoujo, reading books, CardCaptor Sakura and Harry Potter. He put my nerves at bit more at ease as we all chatted about ourselves and our lives and what not. (I also invited him to come to Miami, I teased him with pictures of Diagon Alley). Here is a really bad picture of him.

He also took my camera and decided to take pictures. There is a picture of Jun (in the back) and his sister Azumi.

Tanaka-sensei (the director of the Ritsumeikan Study Abroad Program) came to me during lunch to hand me a pamphlet for the Ritsumeikan semester long study abroad program and kept insisting that I should do it. (I am the only one he gave it to). He gave me two pamphlets so I gave the second one to Franz. I really want to do it, I know that I would pay same tuition as FIU, because there is an international waiver thing, but the problem is housing. Ritsumeikan offers dorms for international students…but right now FIU is semi-affordable because I still live with my parents and they pretty much maintain me. It is another great opportunity and it would really cool to finish my minor in Japan, but it is something I really have to sit down and plan and save accordingly because it will be expensive. (living abroad for 6 months). I need to apply to many scholarships and hope that maybe it can help me do the semester long session.

After lunch group B and C had their excursions to try on yukatas and ( to my later knowledge) keep them. I now see where the money that could have been used for our bus pass went. I honestly thought they were going to dress us up and then a couple minutes laters dress us down.

Then we took a stroll around Nishiki Market, in our yukatas, because some people were hungry and Franz wanted to purchase himself a fancy cooking knife. (He didn’t get the nice this time around). I got to the accommodations around 5pm (super early I know), but I needed to learn the new grammar and attempt to catch up to the rest of the class. Languages do not come super easy to me like Franz (he is so lucky) so I have to study hard to become better at Japanese, especially since I accepted the challenge of being in the harder class.

I have finished my not really assigned homework and reviewed the best I could. Hopefully I get my new textbook by tomorrow! Oh…for dinner I had peasant pasta…aka….pasta with egg.

Mitch, Elaine, Franz and I at another photo-booth!


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