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  • Japan | Last Day in Kyoto

    On my last official day in Kyoto I woke up around 6:30 and followed my usual morning routine. Being the last day I was already an emotionally compromised in the morning. I got to Ritsumeikan around 8:40ish, and it felt aweful knowing that next Monday I will be waking up in a hostel with 3 […]

  • Japan | Honorary Singaporean

    Today my day began at 6am. Why did I wake up so early you ask? I asked myself the same thing when I couldn’t fall back asleep. I got up, and took extra long going through my morning routine. First I wash my teeth, sing the ABC’s in my head to count brushing time (don’t […]

  • Japan | Rain, Shopping and Food

     My day began roughly at 6:40ish. I do not know what time Michelle entered the room last night but it must have been late, because I did not sense her come in. (Maybe she was being quiet). Anyways, for breakfast I had….toast and eggs…again. I’m starting to get a bit tired of toast and eggs. […]

  • Japan | Geiko, Maiko and Kareoke

    My day began at 6:30am (again). With the same routine as the previous days too. Nothing really special, only change is that I didn’t Skype my parents (which was weird). It was raining today, a wet Kyoto is not very fun especially since I walk pretty much everywhere. Thankfully it was just wet and not […]

  • Japan | Noh

    Today I woke up because my roommate told to get up ( I slept through both our alarms). It was a really productive morning, but 7:25 I was ready, fed, and speaking to my parents through FaceTime. I sorta wish it was like that every day. I even got to the bus stop early…meaning I […]

  • Japan | UniQlo and Le Jazz

    Waking up is getting a bit harder everyday, my lack of sleep is catching up to me and it is pretty bad. I made french toast for breakfast and it woke me up a bit (I made sure to put a bunch of sugar!) Then I went off to catch my bus. I am very […]

  • Japan | New Yukatas and Friends.

    The only reason that I woke up at a decent time today was because my dad texted me about 6:30is (maybe) telling me to wake up. (How did he know I was still asleep? Beats me). I woke up a little stressed because my video did not process while I slept so I had to […]

  • Japan | Taiko, Karaoke and Omurice

    I woke up at 6:20, but laid in till 6:35ish. I want to have a day where I can sleep in for a good 10 hours, but that would a total waste of my time in Japan! For breakfast I had the mighty toast and eggs once again! (Thank the lord I don’t grow sick […]

  • Japan | Ritsumeikan Baseball Game

    Today I woke up at 9:30 and lazied around till 10. Sleep is a great thing. I made pancakes for breakfast and they were so American that I felt like I was back home. Around noon I headed off to a baseball game. It was Ritsumeikan against some other university. Baseball is the only sport […]

  • Japan | Kinkakuji & Kyoto Life.

    I have come to accept that everyday I will be waking up around 6am. My body has decided that 6am is when it is re-charge and ready to go. I am not really complaining, when I get up that early it means I can FaceTime with my family for a few minutes. Today started a […]