Japan | Geiko, Maiko and Kareoke

My day began at 6:30am (again). With the same routine as the previous days too. Nothing really special, only change is that I didn’t Skype my parents (which was weird).

It was raining today, a wet Kyoto is not very fun especially since I walk pretty much everywhere. Thankfully it was just wet and not sticky. I would have died if it were sticky. ( My hair already suffered from the wet ). I also found out that the umbrella I bought my first day it Kyoto is not as wide as I thought it’d be…so I got a bit wet. 

Class today made a lot more sense than the ones prior. ( Yay ) I have a quiz tomorrow and there is a whole chapter still don’t quite understand. And not to mention a whole bunch of new kanji I need to know by tomorrow…( someone save me!)

For lunch I had meat, rice and red bell peppers! And I actually remembered to take a picture today. During lunch time I tried to get in contact with my parents cause it felt really weird not seeing them. Not being blue to see them and the raining weather really had me in the slumps for a bit. It was very noticeable, because the buddies and Elaine kept asking me if I was okay. (I brushed it off saying that the quiz had me a bit frazzled )

Once lunch was over with Hikaru and Maho led us to the building where we were going to have our excursion! A Maiko and Geiko came to perform for us and play some games! It was really fun and they were both so pretty! Especially the Geiko. Also during the games, if you beat the Maiko or Geiko they would reward you with a sticker with their name on it. (I didn’t get one, the Geiko beat me)

When the excursion ended Hikaru and Maho too us to Kareoke again. The people that tagged along were a bunch of the FIU students, including Franz.  I didn’t think I was going to enjoy Kareoke with 11 people but it was actually pretty fun and entertaining. But I feel like smaller groups are better since you get to sing a lot more songs and goof around a bit more without being completely judged. 
For dinner I wanted to eat sushi (because I have yet to eat sushi!) but everyone wanted to go a place called Moss Burgers which is like the Japanese version of McDonalds. They all made it sound like a really big deal, really important and really delicious…it wasn’t. It was the most disappointing burger ever. It was small, messy and meh. I had a chicken teriyaki burger and it barely had any chicken. ( what else would you expect from a fast food chain)

When bellies were full we all returned to the accomdations where I began studying till I got a really bad and weird pain around my eyes. Moving up a class has been really stressful and this quiz has me on edge…if I get anything lower than a B I might actually cry. (I’ve actually cried over C’s before).
Tomorrow I have my Japanese quiz and Komura-sensei’s class. It is going to be so long!


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