Book Review Policy

Thanks for looking at my review policy page. I mostly blog because I love sharing my love for books and I want people to know about all the amazing books available in the world. I also hope to become a professional book critic in the future. I currently work two part-time jobs during the day so my reading time is my downtime. I am also a very slow reader, so if there is a time frame for a book please let me know to see if I will be able to read and review in a timely manner.

Please take the time to read over my policy before contacting me:

Book Genres

Books I will consider for review:
* YA fantasy/science-fiction
* YA contemporaries
* YA LGBTQ+ stories
* MG fantasy/science-fiction
* Poetry/Verse
* Graphic Novels

Books I will not review:
* Biographies/Memoirs
* Non-fiction
* Horror
* Religion
* Self-Help

Book Format

I am happy to receive e-books and physical copies (ARC or hardcovers). I own a Kindle and I would prefer e-books to already be formatted and in .mobi format.

I do accept indie published and self-published books only for select YA novels.

I do not accept Adobe Digital Editions (.ade files), or audiobooks.

What to Include When Contacting Me
* Book Title
* Book Summary
* High-Res Book Cover Image (if available)
* Publication Date
* Timeframe of when you expect me to post the review by (so, two weeks before pub date, a month before pub date, etc.)


Reviews are my personal thoughts and opinions which sometimes include negative reviews if I honestly did not agree with or enjoy a book. I am respectful even with my critiques, but know that if you send me a book and I choose to read and review it, there is a possibility that the book may receive a negative review.

I am open to hosting author interviews, giveaways, guest posts and blog tours.

I will post reviews on my blog, Goodreads and a link to the review on Twitter when the review goes up. I will post the review to Amazon on, or soon after, the book’s publication date, along with any other review website you’d like the review posted on.

Contact me at