Japan | UniQlo and Le Jazz

Waking up is getting a bit harder everyday, my lack of sleep is catching up to me and it is pretty bad. I made french toast for breakfast and it woke me up a bit (I made sure to put a bunch of sugar!) Then I went off to catch my bus.

I am very behind in the new Japanese class and it is pretty stressing. Everyone knows so much knew grammar that I need to know already. Today, the sensei gave me a bunch of homework the other students have already completed and it is a lot of work. I don’t even have the new textbook yet! Franz and I have till next week to complete homework for chapter 1,2, 4, and 5. Also, we have to complete a quiz they already took and work on a presentation (which we are already 2 weeks behind everyone). I hope I can survive this.

Lunch was fun though, I really enjoy hanging out with the buddies. Sumire, Hikaru, Akari, Daisuke and Kazuki are all great. If I do get the opportunity to return next year for the spring semester I hope they can take me under their wings.

After lunch, Elaine, Mitch, Franz, Hikaru and I went to a clothe shop called UniQlo. I did not understand what it was till we arrived to the shopping center then I understood what we were up to. Everyone but Hikaru and I bought clothes. The clothes were really soft and cute, but I didn’t feel like buying anything at the store.

Then we stopped by a parfait shop known for having over 200 different parfaits to choose from. I had a pumpkin, banana and caramel parfait and it what the most delicious sweet to ever enter my mouth.

Once we finished eating we parted ways. Franz and I stopped by the post office and I bought a bunch of stamps (cause of reasons), and headed back to the accommodations. I took a quick shower, because I wanted to straighten my hair. When my hair was nice and straight I met up with Mayu, Mitch and Franz in a little jazz club called Le Club Jazz. 
It was really fun, and listening to live jazz music is one of the nicest things ever.

It was really nice. I would like to return in some other opportunity, maybe before I leave to Miami…who knows.
On the way back to the accommodations I realized that I hadn’t eaten since noon so I quickly bought myself an onigiri with spicy fish and ate it for ‘dinner’.
Tomorrow I will be going to either Osaka or Nara. I am not sure yet, but they will both be fun. 


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