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My day was suppose to begin at 6:20 but I stayed in bed till 6:30ish. I don’t know why, but this morning I was so tired that later I had a hard time staying awake in class! (I even slept on the bus to Ritsumeikan!). For breakfast I had leftover pancakes and scrambled eggs. (At least it wasn’t toast). On the way to school I saw the most beautiful flowers, but I do not know if it is okay to pick flowers in Japan.

Class went on, and the only thing I have learnt so far has been that I actually know a lot more kanji than I give myself credit for. I really hope I get bumped up soon, because I want to learn new things so I can use during my time here in Kyoto.

For lunch I brought my own little bento box. I had honey glazed salmon and some rice (which I made the night prior), along with some milk tea (that I did not finished because it got warm) and melon pan I had sitting inside the fridge. I also bought Japanese sweets. It was peach gummies and a pudding (aka flan) tart.

After lunch I had to sit through the most boring lecture about Japanese Pop Culture, it was have been interesting if it were relevant, but it wasn’t. It just talked about a bunch of statistics from like 2003. I ended up doodling in my pamphlet (because I was sitting in the back). Later, I learnt that Hikaru and Mahou were watching draw the whole lecture (they were also extremely bored).
Once, the most annoying and boring lecture of human and Japanese history finished. Hikaru, Mahou and Mayu led me and a bunch of people from the study abroad group to Arashiyama. Arashimaya is very famous for the bamboo forest that they have.
On the way there I realised how great Hikaru and Mahou are, and I also realised how much more I am speaking Japanese! Hikaru is going to Florida in September to be part of the Disney College Program and I promised her that I was going to visit her in EPCOT Japan. I have also invited a bunch of people to come to Miami and stay with me. (Mitch, Elaine, Jay, Mayu, Shihou, Hikaru and Mahou, but not all at the same time. Duh!)

Arashiyama’s bamboo forest was so beautiful that no picture I could take could capture its beauty. I want to return when there is no people that way I can capture it’s beauty correctly.

Left to right: Mayu, Me, Mahou, Chess

After walking around in the bamboo forest Hikaru and Mahou led us to their favorite ice cream shop in Arashiyama. It was a gelato store called Sinpachi. There I had a green tea gelato that had sweet bean paste and two pieces of dango. The dango was gross ( I have come to realise that I do not like dango), but everything else was super delicious.
We were suppose to go to Iwatayama Monkey Park as well, but the time we decided to go it was 10 minutes to closing. Tomorrow hopefully Franz, Chess and I go to the park.
After a while we said goodbye to the buddies and hopped on a bus to our accommodations.  I also dragged Mitch along even though he lives in Nijo rather than Hirokawa. (He hangs with us because he hates his roommate much like Franz dislikes his own). Mitch and I wanted to eat fish, but Chess and Franz did not. So, we went out separate ways, Mitch, Michelle, Pam and I went to find a restaurant that served grilled fish. The one we wanted to try was not open yet so we headed back into Sanjo-dori market and ate a Chinese places that is ALWAYS full. And after eating there I understand why…it was the best Chinese food I have ever eaten…ever. ( I ate Chinese food in Japan…A+ for me)
What we did was tha
t each one of us bought a dish and then we shared. We had: fried rice, crab miso steamed buns, fried chicken, and shrimp noodles. It was so great, I wish the Chinese food in the States was this amazing. Also the steam buns were made on the spot, so they were super soft and warm!
As I was returning to the accommodations, Franz and Chess were heading out to find corn meal once again…and I got dragged along.
But! We found corn meal, which means…AREPAS! The corn meal is yellow rather than white so the arepas that I made came out tasting a bit strange. Hopefully in a couple of hours when I call my mom she can help me how to make arepas.

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