Japan | Day 19

I would be a liar if I said that today was fun. My day, like usual, began at 6:30ish, I got ready, ate breakfast (toast and eggs),  skyped my lovely folks, got on the number 12 bus and headed to Ritsumeikan. It might have well been a regular day at FIU (minus the breakfast making, 6am, skyping, and bus taking).

Today was first time I can state that I complained about the warm weather. It was hot…and I was wearing pants and long sleeve shirt ( what was I thinking?). Thankfully is was not wet and sticky like the weather in Miami. I would have died! Especially since air conditioning is not as strong in the States.
Lessons came and went. The only good thing about it was that I finally received my textbook, and it relieved a lot of stress that I had clinging to my body. Having the physical textbook makes everything so much easier, and it explains the grammar points in English in the beginning…meaning that I don’t have to guess the grammar point with the example sentences. I already started teaching myself the chapters that I missed. (Wish me luck….cause I really need it).
For lunch I ate the bento that I made the night prior…and I was too hungry that when I was almost done I remembered that I had to take a picture for my blog…(whoops). The FIU students are the only ones with the extra class (which sucks) especially since it seemed that the Noh play drained our life forces. We all looked like walking zombies, incapable of accomplishing simply tasks. While all the other students were done at Noon, we, the FIU students had a class from 1-4…3 freaking hours. Three hours that I could have used to explore the city or get my stamp at Kingaku-jin
The only bright side to the FIU mandatory class we all had to take and pay for is: Komura sensei brought snacks~ Her excuse was, “This is culture class, food and snacks are part of culture”. No one complained, because free snacks! She also made us try an “ice plant”, which was like spinach but a bit saltier….and the weirdest texture. It was like covered in little clear bubble things, almost as if it were stuck in fizzy soda. It was bizarre 

After class was FINALLY over, Maho lead me to a post office box where I dropped off some more postcards. Then Chess, Franz and I went back to the accommodations. There I did homework for about two hours or so, and by homework I mean review and learn the lessons I haven’t seen. Franz then came for help, because he needed me to sew a hole in his shorts. I honestly don’t know why he came to me, since I have no sewing background, I have a general idea how it works…but that is pretty much it…I mended it though!
Next Chess, Franz and I headed to market where I finished groceries and bought myself some beef croquetas again.
Once our groceries were back in our rooms, we headed off to Book-Off, a cheap bookstore, and came across a really cool cross-road bridge thing. It was by Horikawa Goyo, and it was pretty cool.
Chess and Franz purchased a couple of books and mangas. When we were all set we returned to the accommodations where I cooked tomorrow’s lunch and went over some vocabulary. Tomorrow we get to me real geishas and maikos!

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