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  • Japan | Temple Running

    I arrived to my room at around 3am last night and did not officially go to sleep till 4am. Saying that I slept in till 9:30 and lazied around in my room till 11. In that hour and a half I dozed off, spaced out, showered, semi-cleaned, talked to my parents and ate strawberry cream […]

  • Japan | Karaoke and Fish

    Once again! I woke up on time! I am a freaking champ. But this morning was a bit different than my usual morning because….I ate oatmeal! That’s right, I did not eat toast and eggs. I also did not FaceTime my parents for so long either. This is because I had to study for a […]

  • Japan | Rain and Kyoto Station

    Today I woke up on time. Two days in a row! (I am so proud). The morning went by pretty smoothly like it always has: breakfast, get ready, facetime, go catch the bus. Only thing about today is that it has been raining none stop…well drizzling…the stuff here is not real rain…it is cold baby […]

  • Japan | Presentations and ShabuShabu

    Today, I woke up on time! It was a miracle sent from the heavens above. My dad tried to wake me up by sending me a bunch of texts, but I beat him to it. I was already awake (hah). I ate breakfast ( I bet you can guess) got ready and FaceTimed my folks. […]

  • Japan | Tea Ceremony

    Once again, I over slept but twenty minutes. I wish I could stop myself from turning off my alarm in my sleep. I need those extra minutes. Other than the over sleeping. My morning was pretty smooth. I ate breakfast (the same thing as all ways), got ready and FaceTimed my family. And at 8 […]

  • Japan | Zen Meditation and Projects

    I overslept today. I slept in for about 20 minutes ( I know it’s not a lot but my mornings have routine ). I must have hit okay on the alarm rather than snooze when it first rang at 7:20. Anyways, my morning routine was pretty much the same but at faster tempo. Make breakfast, […]

  • Japan | Pokemon Center and Alice Cafe

    My day began around 8am, and I got ready, made breakfast and went out the door. The first half of my day I was around Kyoto temple jumping. I got the stamps for Ryoa and Kinkaku Temples, getting the stamp for both temples took a bit longer than expected but by noon I was back […]

  • Japan | Fushimi Inari

    Today I gave myself the luxury of sleeping till 8am. It is such a nice feeling to be able to sleep in, even if it is just two hours more. My breakfast was the same as always, eggs and toast (I’m going to end up bleeding eggs and toast by the end of this trip). […]

  • Japan | Rain, Shopping and Food

     My day began roughly at 6:40ish. I do not know what time Michelle entered the room last night but it must have been late, because I did not sense her come in. (Maybe she was being quiet). Anyways, for breakfast I had….toast and eggs…again. I’m starting to get a bit tired of toast and eggs. […]

  • Japan | Ryoajin and Sushi

    I actually overslept 10 minutes, which did not aid my already stressed mind. I made a small omelet with toast and got back to studying. My usual getting ready routine grew extremely short, that it was just washing my teeth and face then putting on clothes. I even went to school early because my roommate […]