Japan | Presentations and ShabuShabu

Today, I woke up on time! It was a miracle sent from the heavens above. My dad tried to wake me up by sending me a bunch of texts, but I beat him to it. I was already awake (hah). I ate breakfast ( I bet you can guess) got ready and FaceTimed my folks. Then my roommate and I went to catch the bus to school.

I had two presentations, and I wanted to die. I usually get a bit nervous when I have to give a presentation in front of an audience…or any form of public speaking. I was a nerve wreck with these presentations, because they had to be given in Japanese. In my 3rd grade Japanese… I was such a wreck that I accepted that it was going to be a train wreck when I was studying my speech. One presentation was for my Japanese class, where I had to discuss a social problem and a possible solution (all in Japanese). Second presentation was about the interviews I did through out the week to some Japanese people, and it was about their favorite foods. The second presentation was much easier than first. 
According to Hikaru and Elaine my speech was actually really good and very informative. I didn’t feel like it was….only my grade in the future will tell. Then my second presentation I was partnered with Riley and that one went pretty smoothly, especially since I did not use any complicated grammar. I know I did well in that one. 
After the first presentation/ my Japanese class we had lunch. (Duh). For lunch I had pasta with tomato sauce and for once in a very long time I remembered to document it before chowing it down. 
But I did not buy any snacks, because I knew that Komura-sensei was going to bring us snacks (like always). This time she brought us bread. Before going to the FIU class I chilled with the buddies who I adore very much. During lunch Jun lost his contact in his eye (which turns out to be a thing!), and I saved the day with my handy dandy eye drops! I am pretty much a super hero now!
Komura-sensei brought us custard, red bean paste and melon bread! I love melon bread. I love bread in general. 
Once the FIU class was done with I went back to the accomdations and studied for my quiz tomorrow. I studied for about an hour and a half, because we had to meet up for shabushabu at 6:30 with the buddies. 
Shabushabu is a form of dinner where you have to cook a thin layer of meat by yourself. They give you a bowl of boiling water and some soy sauce. It was really fun to cook. Mika and Akari both help me loads in cooking because at the beginning I had no clue what I was doing.

After Shabushabu we all went to a bar to celebrate Riley’s birthday. Everyone was prepared to get drunk, I was not for getting drunk but I did tagged along. I was a lame person who studied while everyone got drunk. I pretty much paid about $25 to have one drink and study. (I am so fun). I would have probably been more adventuress if I didn’t have an exam the next day. 


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