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  • Japan | Ritsumeikan Baseball Game

    Today I woke up at 9:30 and lazied around till 10. Sleep is a great thing. I made pancakes for breakfast and they were so American that I felt like I was back home. Around noon I headed off to a baseball game. It was Ritsumeikan against some other university. Baseball is the only sport […]

  • Japan | Maiko experience

    My day began at 8:30ish, but I tried to sleep go back to sleep for an extra half hour because my roommate forgot her key and needed me to open the door for her the night before (she returned at 3am….so I slept for about five hours…maybe?). For breakfast I made a saltless omelet and […]

  • Japan | Kiyomizu Pottery and Temple

    Like days prior, my day began at 6am. I woke up, made breakfast, skyped my parents and headed to Ritsumeikan. I am still in the wrong Japanese class and I spoke to the professor of the next class and she said that by next week I can MAYBE switch. I do not know how I […]

  • Japan 7 | Nishiki Market

    What I thought would be an extremely boring actually turned out to be quite fun. I woke early, like 4am early for some odd reason. I was very angry at my body and forced myself back to sleep till 6ish. Why did my body decided to wake up a 4am? Beats me, but I am […]

  • Japan | Kinkakuji & Kyoto Life.

    I have come to accept that everyday I will be waking up around 6am. My body has decided that 6am is when it is re-charge and ready to go. I am not really complaining, when I get up that early it means I can FaceTime with my family for a few minutes. Today started a […]

  • Japan Day 5 | Ritsumeikan

    I feel like I will be waking at 6am very often during my stay in Japan, because today I once again woke up around 6am. After getting ready, the Ritsumeikan buddies: Mayu and Haruka, picked us up from our accommodations and walked with us to the bus stop. Buddies are students from Ritsumeikan who volunteer […]

  • Japan 3 | Harajuku and Akihabara

    At 5am I was up with country of the rising sun. I had a whole hour extra than the day prior (hooray!) My body still thinks it is in Miami, so it is a weird sensation when it is Sunday and your body thinks it’s Saturday.  Today’s adventure was action packed! Bunch of different places to […]