Japan | Karaoke and Fish

Once again! I woke up on time! I am a freaking champ. But this morning was a bit different than my usual morning because….I ate oatmeal! That’s right, I did not eat toast and eggs. I also did not FaceTime my parents for so long either. This is because I had to study for a quiz I had today. I also got on the bus quite early too. Today was overall a day of just early. 
On the way to school I witness a car crash and it was a bit scary, because two cars were completely totaled. I really hope the people in the accident turned out to be okay. Something that surprised me is the amount of policemen and firemen in the scene. They had the place tightly secured and kept traffic moving. Nothing like Miami…
Today, class felt eternal. And the quiz felt pretty easy, except two questions that left me stump, but they were one point each. ( thankfully ). 
Lunch finally came, and I bought a bento. It was chicken with a sweet sauce and rice. I also are melon bread and it was so yummy (I was also very hungry ). The only reason I had lunch at school was because I was too lazy to cook the night before. 
I love buddy lunch, because the buddies are so great to speak to. Today I obtained Mika’s address, making us official penpals! Once lunch was over Franz and I headed to the Ritsumeikan store so we can buy some University shirts…and we got lost in campus trying to find the library…and then…a wild Maho appeared! And she was kind enough to lead us to the correct place. She is great. 
After purchasing our Ristumeikan goods Franz and I headed to Kyoto Station. There I went amiiboo hunting, got myself a fujifilm and found Mitch’s birthday present. And after the shopping was done we visited the same open Terrance as yesterday.

Something I forgot to mention last night is that the main light of our bedroom stopped working. So we called someone to fix it. When I arrived to my room I received the news from Michelle and the landlord that they were switching is from the room because the light wiring fizzed out…so we had to move all our junk to a room downstairs. Thankfully enough people from the program where in the building to help us move…a week before we leave. ( Mitch was also there)
When we finally finished moving…it took us about 20 minutes to move thanks to everyone’s help. And I also gave Mitch his birthday present. He is now an honorary Floridian 
Then I headed out with Mitch back to Kyoto Station so I can help buy a Shibkansen ticket. Which was a mission and a half because we got lost in the station for a good 10 minutes and it took forever to obtain the ticket too. 
After Mitch finally got his ticket for Tokyo I took him to the top Terrance and he really enjoyed it. It was so pretty and this time is wasn’t raining! I really love that Terrance and finding it by mistake was one of the best things ever.
We were getting hungry so we hopped on a bus and Mitch took me to his favorite fish restaurant where we both ordered fish. And it was beyond delicious. I love fish. I got mackerel and Mitch got a fish head.

When our bellies were nice and full we headed back to my room as we waiting for everyone to get ready so we could go to Karaoke to celebrate Mitch’s birthday.

Tomorrow I am temple running. It is going to be long, exhausting and exciting!

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