Japan | Pokemon Center and Alice Cafe

My day began around 8am, and I got ready, made breakfast and went out the door. The first half of my day I was around Kyoto temple jumping. I got the stamps for Ryoa and Kinkaku Temples, getting the stamp for both temples took a bit longer than expected but by noon I was back in my accommodations eating lunch.

Around 1ish, I met up with Mitch, Meagan, and Jess. We took separate trains to Osaka, mostly because I got on the wrong station. I was at 5 while they were at 20-something. They tried to get to me, but i just told them to go on any train and we would meet up in Umeda station.

On the train ride to Umeda station, I sat beside a cute little family. I played pee-ka-boo with a baby girl for the majority of the train ride and eventually the mom started a conversation with me. She began in English (because I obviously look like a complete foreigner) and I replied in Japanese. She was blown away by the fact that I could communicate in Japanese. We chatted, and it was mostly me answering questions the woman would ask me. Something I found quite interesting is that she went to Miami once for three days and has been dying to return ever since. She thought I was very lucky that I lived in Miami. I told her it was okay, but one never really appreciates any city while you are a resident. I never got their names, which made me a bit sad, but it is blowing my mind that every day I speak more and more in Japanese. Many people have complimented on how good my Japanese is, but it is a bunch of lies.

I arrived to Umeda station around 2:30ish. There I attempted to meet up with Mitch, Meagan and Jess, but we were all unable to find each other. I told them to not worry about me and go do whatever they wanted to do. I tried to find the Pokemon Center by myself and it was very scary. The station was so crowded I felt I was going to drown, but I found the Pokemon Center (with no help, just sheer luck). When I was at the Pokemon Center I let the others know where I was, and they eventually came to meet with me at the PokeCenter.

Once we were all together we made quick stop to Hard Rock Cafe Osaka (because I needed a magnet) and then headed to Namba. Namba is a bit like Akihabara, where there is a bunch of Japanese pop culture stuff everywhere, except it is not filled with creepy guys staring down at maid cafe workers. In Namba I bought my friend Fernando a souvenir of a video game we both like very much. I did not plan on buying anything but….I kept running into Cardcaptor Sakura stuff…I was strong! So strong! Refusing to buying anything, because I technically did not need anything. Then…I found a sweater. I found a CardCaptor Sakura sweater…I had to ask my parents if it was okay for me to get it since it was about 40USD. They said yes…I now own a CardCaptor Sakura sweater and I love it.
After strolling around Namba, and not finding any amiiboos, we began to get hungry. I really wanted to go to the Alice in Fantasyland Cafe and thankfully Mitch, Meagan and Jess were cool about going. It was expensive (I am not going to lie) I spent $30 just by myself, but it was so worth it. I had a cocktail named Red Queen Roses…and I had no idea what alcohol was in it but it did taste a bit like roses…it was strange. For my meal I had White Rabbit Pasta, and it was pasta with spinach and salmon. Then for dessert I had The Cheshire Cat Parfait and it was the cutest thing ever. The waitresses were dressed like Alice and the menu was a story book and the whole place made me feel like I was in the story. Now I kinda want to visit the Alice Cafes in Tokyo. I wonder if all the them require you to enter through a book and wear bunny ears the whole time you are there. It was such a great experience, especially as the Alice’s told their story has they brought our food and drinks. I wish there was one of these in Miami, it would be my favorite place.

After dinner, all four of us returned to Kyoto, mostly because Mitch, Meagan and Jess had not started the report that is due tomorrow. I was not completely finished with it either, but finishing a report is much easier than starting one (including with the research).

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