Japan | Rain and Kyoto Station

Today I woke up on time. Two days in a row! (I am so proud). The morning went by pretty smoothly like it always has: breakfast, get ready, facetime, go catch the bus. Only thing about today is that it has been raining none stop…well drizzling…the stuff here is not real rain…it is cold baby rain.

I usually don’t mind drizzle, but my umbrella doesn’t cover me well enough. Class went by pretty fast, but with a lot of interesting side stories. During the first hour I re-opened a small wound I have on my side that I got from wearing a really uncomfortable bra, it stung so much that I had to keep my hand over the wound so my shirt would not slide too much around it. Thankfully during our first 10 minute break Brian ran to the connivence store in school and bought me a box band-aids. Sensei (who was also trying to find someone with a band-aid) declared him the nicest person in class. (I agree). Second hour, Sensei made us sing some song like 4 times, first she made us read the lyrics out-loud and then sing along with the soundtrack. It was a nightmare. Second break flew on by and then during the third and final hour of class we had to work on our class project presentation skit thing (I am not entirely sure what it is).

After two ideas were thrown and shot down. I had the bright idea of making our on little story. Everyone liked it, and I got the job of writing the story (which I did fairly quick). Sensei really loved the story and the idea. I feel so proud!

Lunch arrived, and I once again forgot to take a picture of my lunch….like always. (Sorry). Lunch was pretty boring, we just ate and sat around and chatted.

Then at 1pm it was time for the excursion! We had an excursion to Kyoto’s International Manga Museum. It was the most painful experience ever. The museum itself was an old elementary school from the 1930s that became a museum in 2006 (that part was pretty cool). Anyways, we were taking to a massive room where we all had to draw our own little comics, the idea sounded fun at first, mostly because I assumed they were going to teach us. It was more like, here have some materials and draw for an hour. Also, a staff member was drawing on the screen projector and it was so good that we all felt very inferior with our work. Elaine and Franz (two business majors) mentioned several times how incompetent they felt at this. I think my panel came out pretty okay, but it looks like 4 different people drew….mostly cause I have no defined art style…

Once the Manga experience was over with I accompanied Elaine to Kyoto Station where she needed to buy a new smn card for her phone. I tagged along because I wanted to fiend the Makkenn Waffle store. While at the station I found the cutest bread…so I bought it and I ate it. It was a honey and butter cream filled bread. It was heavenly.
On my way back to the accomadation Franz texts me that he is at Kyoto Station…so I arrive to my room just to drop off my stuff and then head right back out to the place I was just at. When I finally found Franz (which took a while) he and I had dinner. I ate a dish called Chicken Canobara. It was canobara sauce with grilled chicken, pumpkin and rice. It was a lot yummier than I am making it sound.
Once we ate till our bellies were filled we set out to find the freaking waffle place. We did not find it…but we found something really cool in the JR section of Kyoto Station. I am not exactly sure what it was or is, but it is the second tallest building in Kyoto and it had a glowing staircase…also…when I return to Kyoto Station to meet with Franz I decided not to take my camera…to which I later grew to regret. So sorry for the bad quality pictures, rain, semi-darkness and iphone camera’s do not always work well.

Soon after Franz and I returned to our accommodations because the quiz was not today but tomorrow.

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