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  • Rose Originals | Simply Loots

       Recently, I purchased some wonderful soaps from a small home business called Rose Originals. I was strolling down the main hall of my University when cute pastel colors suddenly caught my attention. Being the dork I am, I went and fetched my friend so we could snoop around the table. Rose Originals is ran […]

  • For the College Soul | Simply Books

    Sometimes when you pick up a book and begin to read it, do you feel discouraged because you are no longer of high school age? You’re not young enough to receive a letter, battle monsters, go on an adventure or even fall in love? It is as if the only real time to be alive […]

  • eShakti | Simply Looks

    While I was away in Japan I was sent a beautiful dress from a lovely company called eShakti. I was given the liberty of choosing any dress from their collection. I feel very blessed to be given this privilege as a young and new blogger. After finally moving and settling down in my new home I finally got the opportunity to wear the […]

  • Swinging back | Journal

    It has been a while since I have written or done anything. My life once I returned to Japan was a dull one, falling in a constant rhythm of nothing. Wake up, waste time, go to bed. Though it could be argued that I have not “wasted timed” I have gotten quite a few tasks […]

  • Japan | Sushi and Returning Home

    The day began at 7ish with a call from my mom asking if I was awake. Clearly I woke up after this phone call. I got ready and finished packing the few things I had out (cables, electronics, toiletries). I also lost my lock for my luggage for a couple minutes (it fell inside of […]

  • Japan | Last Minute Roaming

    At 9am I was ripped away from my sleep when “Shy Guys” by Seaway rang from my phone nearly giving me a heart attack. I got ready, preparing for my final day in the country of the rising sun. I am actually pretty excited to go home, because I realised that I do not like […]

  • Japan | Ghibli Museum and Harajuku

    My day began at around 8:30ish. I slept about 6 hours and it was beyond magical! Especially after the crazy night I had last night! Anyways, for breakfast I had a croissant and juice from 7/11 and then Michelle and I headed off to Mitaka to visit the Ghibli Museum! I’ve had the ticket reserved […]

  • Japan | Back to Tokyo

    My day began at 4:30…and I went to sleep at 2:30ish. So I slept for two hours give or take? In the morning I finished putting away the final things in my luggage and aided Pamela in cleaning her room. As a form of thank you she made me breakfast that consisted of toast, salmon […]

  • Japan | Last Day in Kyoto

    On my last official day in Kyoto I woke up around 6:30 and followed my usual morning routine. Being the last day I was already an emotionally compromised in the morning. I got to Ritsumeikan around 8:40ish, and it felt aweful knowing that next Monday I will be waking up in a hostel with 3 […]

  • Japan | Skits and Cooking

    My second to last day in Kyoto began at 6am. My morning went on like usual, and even went to school early. Ritsumeikan is really relaxing in the morning when there are hardly any students. We actually had lessons even though we already took our final…(I didn’t even bring my textbook…). For the third hour […]