Japan | Skits and Cooking

My second to last day in Kyoto began at 6am. My morning went on like usual, and even went to school early. Ritsumeikan is really relaxing in the morning when there are hardly any students.

We actually had lessons even though we already took our final…(I didn’t even bring my textbook…). For the third hour we were allowed to work on our class skit and it was really fun because none of us knew what we were doing and I pretty much became the director.
Our play is really strange because it is a love story about friendship…I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote it.
Anyways, lunch came, and actually remembered to document my lunch! ( hooray for me) it was some sort of chicken with rice.
I’ve been really sad this week. Too many things have happened and I just don’t want to leave. It is going to be strange not having lunch in a room filled with people from all over the world.
Today I had my final excursion. And it was Japanese cooking and it was extremely fun! We actually went to a really high class restaurant by Kyoto Station where plates are 30-50 dollars each. 

We were given a brief lecture/lesson on Japanese cooking before they took us into the kitchen where we had to prepare our own lunch together. I was in charge of some salad thing…I am not entirely sure what I made. But the cooking-sensei let people cut up sashimi with really sharp knives and it was a bit scary.

After we all prepared our part of the dish we all out it all together and we all sat down and ate our lunch. 

I sat between Akane and Mitch. But Mitch felt like he was dying because he got sick yesterday and he still felt ill today. (Poor kid…Elaine got sick too…)

Once I ate the delicious Japanese food I went to an electronics store with Riley and Ed where we tried some Japanese massage chairs…and went to heaven. The best 15 minutes of my life…I am highly considering on buying on in the far future.
I also tried to look for amiibos…but nothing…again…
Then I returned to the accommodations where I finished packing some things and semi check the weight of my bags. (One is a bit over…I’m considering leaving the pair of scandals I brought…but it’s the only pair I own…) hopefully I can figure it out before I actually leave on Tuesday.
Today there was also a room check, where the staff made sure we didn’t trash the room. Afterwards, we the Floridians, went out for our last karaoke. 
I am having really mixed feelings, because I want to return home (even though we are moving as soon as I return), but at the same time it is going to be so weird. I have gotten so used to my life in Japan, so used to my independence, so used to the buses, the streets, the weather and the general life. What makes me really scares me the most is the possibility of loosing contact with all the people I met in the trip. Mitch, Elaine, Meagan, Hikaru, Maho, Sumire, Jun, Akari, Mika, Riley. Especially with Elaine and Mitch, because we realy clicked (like the golden trio) or at least I think we did. 
I know I will try my hardest to keep contact with everyone, but all sorts of relationships it requires effort from both sides. I hope everyone I met feels the same, but even if we loose contact I have made so many good memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. And I plan on re-reading this blogs and re-watching the vlogs in the future, just because I wish to remember all the wonderful experiences I had here. 
Sorry I have turned really sappy…I just don’t want it to end…and closing ceremony is tomorrow…

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