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While I was away in Japan I was sent a beautiful dress from a lovely company called eShakti. I was given the liberty of choosing any dress from their collection. I feel very blessed to be given this privilege as a young and new blogger.

After finally moving and settling down in my new home I finally got the opportunity to wear the dress I received from them. 

I asked for this lovely blue dress with flower embroidery. (My obsession with flowers in strong). The fabric is cotton and the flowers seemed to be almost sewn by hand. My mother was so in love with the dress that she wanted to wear it herself, but unfortunately we are not the same dress size. Most dresses I order online usually look cheap and nothing like the picture online. Thankfully the eShakti dress looked exactly like in the picture and it fit me just right. Love the fact that this site has dresses/skirts/shirts in sizes 0 to 36W and they also customized for a nominal fee. 

Something fantastic about eShakti is that you can customize the dress to however you feel looks best on you. Sleeves or not sleeves, long or short, v-neck or round collar. It is completely up to you! And you can even send them your exact measurements to ensure that the dress will fit you. I have never seen an online clothing store that gives you this opportunity. 

It is Real Fashion for Real People.  eShakti understands that every Small, Medium or Large body is different and they embrace this reality and make dresses that will be perfect for everyone. They even make dresses with pockets, the best invention since Nutella. 

Everything about them is perfect. Shipping is fast and reliable (they send the tracking number). I will definitely will be making some purchases in this store, especially after all the compliments and praises I received!


For first time customers you receive a $30 off on your first purchases after creating an account! Also, the first time you decide to get a dress made exactly your body measurements will be free!

You can also find eShakti on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!


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