Category: Fashion

  • Literary Gifts Galore! | Spotlight

    The best part of the literary community is the abundance of cute accessories available to express your inner bookworm in public. Sometimes subtle and sometimes BAM in your face! They are pins, shirts, backlogs, tote bags, and a million other things to wear or carry around! I always have to try very hard to not […]

  • Real Fashion for Real People | Ad

    I got sent a lovely dress by eShakti for an honest product review. I have already worked with this company before so I was super happy when I was approached once again. eShakti is a company that makes sure that clothes look good on you! You have the option of sending your exact measurements to […]

  • TeaTime with Mercy

    I was given some cute accessories by this Etsy store called TeaTime with Mercy. Mercy makes handmade collar clips, keychains, chockers, necklaces and phone plugs. Mercy is Miami based and loves all cute things. Many things in her store can fall under kawaii fashion culture. Especially the Sailormoon charms. Like I said everything is handmade, […]

  • eShakti | Simply Looks

    While I was away in Japan I was sent a beautiful dress from a lovely company called eShakti. I was given the liberty of choosing any dress from their collection. I feel very blessed to be given this privilege as a young and new blogger. After finally moving and settling down in my new home I finally got the opportunity to wear the […]

  • Simply Me | Looks

    Today I was very pleased with my outfit. It was kinda thrown together nice a quick as I rushed through my morning routine so I wouldn’t be late to work. It felt very me. I bled my very essence in my clothes today. Which was a very nice feeling. I don’t have a definite style […]