TeaTime with Mercy

I was given some cute accessories by this Etsy store called TeaTime with Mercy.
Mercy makes handmade collar clips, keychains, chockers, necklaces and phone plugs.
Mercy is Miami based and loves all cute things. Many things in her store can fall under kawaii fashion culture. Especially the Sailormoon charms. Like I said everything is handmade, so she puts all her magical girl magic in her products and frankly it shows.
My favorite charm so far are these Book Clips, Flower Clips and the Kitty cat clips.

Mercy is also has a few more products in the works. Like mermaid macaroons, victorian and unicorn collar clips, and many more keychains! Cookies, cakes and all the sweets.

You may also contact her if you want a certain item customized a certain way or if you do not see the item listed in the store. Mercy also takes special requests with certain items in order to provide you with the best product possible. She’s super flexible and just wants all your dreams to come true~

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