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I got sent a lovely dress by eShakti for an honest product review. I have already worked with this company before so I was super happy when I was approached once again.
eShakti is a company that makes sure that clothes look good on you! You have the option of sending your exact measurements to eShakti and the dress, top, jacket, skirt, or pant to be tailored to you body. Not only will they use your exact measurement you can also choose the length of the item. Also…their dresses have pockets.

I chose this cute little black dress with embroiled poppy flowers. Or at least I think they are poppy flowers. Pretty flowers. Once again I was blown away at the quality of the product. The embroiling is so soft i have to continuously remind myself to not run my fingers across it. The actual dress is made of cotton and it is not flimsy cotton either, but strong firm cotton that will survive the washing machine a million times.




The dress is a standard size of M-10, I could have sent over my exact measurements, but I have a pretty standard body and most Ms fit me pretty nicely. eSkati offers standard sizes of 0-36W for those people like me who feel that hey have a standard bodies. But if you have bustier than the standard person this website will be tailored to you.



As part of their ‘Real Fashion for Real People’ campaign is partnering with various bloggers to promote to real people that fashion can be made to fit perfectly with your body type without paying hundreds of dollars. You can see all those of us who are working with eShakti. Different girls, different body type, different fashion senses showing off Real Fashion by Real People. There is no cookie cutter of a person, so why should clothes be that way?
As an avid dress lover I am proud to say that this dress is one of my favorites in my closet. (and I own a lot of dresses) It makes me feel like an elegant princess.
By signing up now, you can get a $30 off your first purchase.
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