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My day began at 4:30…and I went to sleep at 2:30ish. So I slept for two hours give or take? In the morning I finished putting away the final things in my luggage and aided Pamela in cleaning her room. As a form of thank you she made me breakfast that consisted of toast, salmon and Pokemon apple juice. AKA stuff that was left over. It was fine, Pan cooks really yummy.

Half of the Floridian team was heading up to Tokyo so we all decided to hop on the same bus together. Originally we were going to get on the bus to Kyoto Station, but that God Miguel stopped a taxi, allowing several more to randomly appear

We all headed to Kyoto Station and bought our tickets and got on the 7:12 train to Tokyo. Between all of us and our luggages we occupied three rows of  seats. We had a lot of luggages.

When we arrived to Kyoto we separated and went our own ways. Pam and Oscar had a plane to catch, Miguel, Jorge and Itsy had an apartment rented to go to, Michelle had her hotel and I had my hostel. 
When I finally arrived to the station of my hostel I got a bit lost because the directions that say sent me made little sense, but after a while and some Google mapping I found my way! The hostel is literally rammed between two buildings that I nearly missed it. I entered and they took about half an hour to check me in, it made me a bit angry. And they made me pay more than they told me by email which angered me more. My room is a literal shoe box that was forced 4 beds in it. There is no room to walk there. I kinda prefer the one I stayed at previously…(it was roomier).
Anyways, I set off to Disney Sea and it took me about an hour to find it because I was not exactly sure what line I was suppose to take. But I made it! And Japan really outdone themselves, their Disney is so precious and cute! I died. Disney Sea is also beautiful, it takes a lot of water elements (hence the name) and brings it to life….and some other not very sea like things. 
There is Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Sidbad, New York and Mexico and much much more! I really enjoyed it. 

I actually took a lot more pictures with my actual camera, but I have no wifi in my hostel…so I cannot upload the pictures (nor videos).

Something really cool about Disney Sea is that each section of the park has its own theme popcorn! There was Curry, Caramel, Cappuccino, White Chocolate, Royal Milk Tea, Black Pepper and Sea Salt. I tried most of them and some where good some were bad, the milk tea was bad. 

I am currently sick of popcorn…I couldn’t get on many rides because we got there around 1pm and the fast pass system is different than America so they were gone way before Michelle and I arrived. So we made lines from 40-120 minutes. We mostly did rides that we could not find in the states. There was a very misleading roller coaster, and was advertised as cool and fat and it was quite the opposite, we also did a Sinbad boat ride, and Journey to the Center of the Earth (that scared me! There was random lightning strike that caught me off guard). We also did Storm Rider (my favorite ride so far) there were a bunch of other stuff we didn’t get to do but we lacked the time and the fastpass to be able to do so. 
When the buddies asked me about my day at Disney they all told me that they wanted to go with me next year~ more Disney!
Michelle and I spent all our time there. Till the park closed, the. I returned to the hostel, but my parents want me to move to a better place, an actual hotel. I want to but I have no will power nor motivation to do much with two hours of sleep. I am sorry.
Sorry for the lack of video, I would usually pull through my tiredness to get it done, but the lack of good working wifi is real. So phone post yay!
Update: I will be going to Michelle’s hotel and be staying with her. Thank the lords

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