Winter Glass by Lexa Hillyer | Book Review

This book was given to me for an honest review


Winter Glass is the sequel to Spindle Fire, a retelling of the classic fairy tale: Sleeping Beauty. Book two picks off right where book one ended.
Aurora, Isbe and Prince William are back in Deluce preparing for the looming war with Malfuer, the evil faerie queen. Along with William and Aurora’s wedding in order protect their kingdoms and gain a bigger military force. However things don’t go as planned — like it should honestly. 
While Spindle Fire was character driven, Winter Glass was plot driven. The war was the main focus of the plot and most of the characters decisions were based on the war. 
I feel that Hillyer really grew as a writer — I felt that her structure flowed more and she was able to build her characters to be more dimensional. Characters like Aurora who felt really hallow in book one were more fleshed out. I guess I have to credit that to character development too, but Hillyer finally made me feel for her! Which was very nice. 
Just like in book one, Winter Glass is told through various point views, but Aurora and Isbe are the main narrators. Once again Hillyer was to bring a beautiful almost visual narrative to Isbe (who is blind) without using descriptions that depend on sight. I am was very impressed, especially when Isbe was at the Ice King’s kingdom, I could picture everything so clearly by just the sounds, feelings and movement. 
However, the “plot twists” were predictable and I was a bit upset when I guessed them correctly. Nothing really made me go GASP, which is fine I suppose but I enjoy when authors can foreshadow and I miss it. One of my biggest complaints about book one was the forced relationship Aurora had with Heath. In book two Aurora again had a forced relationship that came out of nowhere and I couldn’t really understand where it bloomed from…it was a bit annoying. 
I feel that Hillyer did a good job with Winter Glass. I definitely enjoyed it a lot more than Spindle Fire. If you enjoy classic fairy tale re-telling I think you’d enjoy this little duology! It has romance, magic, friendship, adventure, self discovery and most importantly self-love.
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Out on April 10th, 2018
My rating: 4/5


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