Category: YA books

  • The Monster of Her Age by Danielle Binks

    Danielle Banks has once again written a soul-touching piece of literature that makes you rethink your own perspective in life. The Monster Her Age follows Ellie Marsden as she deals with the pain and trauma of being hurt by someone you love very dearly and not knowing how to forgive them (or even if you […]

  • All the Murmuring Bones by A.G Slatter

    All the Murmuring Bones is the story of Miren O’Malley and how she tries to forge her own destiny away from the pre-prescribe family legacy and path placed upon her by her grandmother.  This novel’s gothic setting was stuff of legends. It was the main drawing card that piqued my interest, but aside from the […]

  • Heartstopper Volume 4 by Alice Oseman

    Heartstopper is the sweetest graphic novel series celebrating happiness and love between two British boys. If you don’t know the story of Nick and Charlie…well I am quite shocked since they are beloved by essentially everyone in the book community at this point. But in case you really don’t know… Heartstopper is a sweet contemporary […]

  • Spin the Dawn (The Blood of Stars #1) by Elizabeth Lim

    Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim is a fantastic story influenced by the Chinese legend of The Cowherd and the Weaver, the French story Donkeyskin and the Norwegian tale of East of the Sun. Pitch as Project Runway meets Mulan, this novel follows Maia as she disguises herself as her brother to participate in a competition to become the imperial […]

  • House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland

    It has been a very long time since I read a book in two sittings. I was a bit worried I wasn’t going to enjoy House of Hollow since it was described as a thriller-horror story with a folktale twist. Iris Hollow and her two older sisters are strange. Ever since they mysteriously disappeared in […]

  • Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales

    Perfect on Paper is a delight contemporary novel of a young bisexual girl who runs a love advice locker. One day she gets caught by one of the school’s popular kids, and he wants to hire her to help him get his ex-girlfriend back.  While I am not usually a big contemporary fan, this novel’s […]

  • Lore by Alexandra Bracken

    The best way to describe Lore by Alexandra Bracken is Greek mythology meets the Hunger Games. In this action pack novel we are thrusted into a world where the Olympus gods have been punished. Every seven years the gods fall to Earth and must survive seven days as children of the great Greek hero’s hunt […]

  • Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer

    Instant Karma is a cute young adult contemporary novel that follows the life of overachiever and very self-centred Prudence as she tries to convince her former lab partner to re-do an assignment with her over the summer break as she figures out how to use her newly found karma inducing powers. Prudence could be seen […]

  • Before the Beginning by Anna Morgan | AusYaBloggers Book Tour

    Before the Beginning by Anna Morgan Before the Beginning is a sweet coming of age story that follows four friends, a mysterious stranger and the schoolies week when everything changed. The story is split into five different parts, each focusing on the four main characters: Grace, Casper, Noah and Elise. Grace, who is Casper’s older […]

  • The Silver Serpents by Roshani Chokshi

    The Silver Serpents by Roshani Chokshi is the sequel of The Gilded Wolves which follows the story of a group of friends who perform treasure hunting heist. The Silver Serpent picks up a few months after The Gilded Wolves. The team is falling apart, only holding on by single threads after the murder of one […]