Why I Read Books

 Sometimes I get praises or questionable looks about why I read so much. Sometimes I am too scared to say that it is an escape from reality.
Nothing against non-frequent readers, but reading helps the mind and you become a better person.
I did not officially become an avid reader until I was in middle school during the insane vampire craze the YA industry was going through. Vampire story here, vampire story there. I did not have humble beginnings, but those beginnings allowed me to have an escape and be someone else for a couple of hours.
Reading a book is an experience. You take on a new name, obtain a new life and go on an adventure you could never have in reality.
There are stories where you learn magic. Stories where you slay mythical monsters. Stories where you find yourself. Stories where you go on a spiritual adventure. Stories where you have to save the world.
The stories are endless.
The world is endless.
I read books to learn. I read books to become someone better. I read books to become a villain. I read books to fall in love. I read books to escape.
Instead of watching films or TV series, I read. Instead of exercising and doing sports, I read. Instead of being productive, I read.
Reading is just another form of entertainment in the world. It is the form of entertainment I enjoy the most.

Nothing can beat this view.


Currently Reading: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


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  1. This is beautiful. I feel exactly the same way! It's hard when I have reading for school, but I need to take time to read for me or else I go a bit crazy!

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