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After four and a half years with the same pair of glasses it was time for a new upgrade. Originally, I was going to purchase a pair of glasses at my University’s optical store/clinic place. I got my eye exam (found out my eyesight got slightly worse….yippee!) and browsed the model glasses offered at the store. I almost bought a pair…but I needed to finish paying my tuition before indulging myself with fabulous new glasses. I did some glasses window shopping on the internet for a couple of days.
And since Google monitors your search it knew that I was in search for new eye-ware.
A Warby Parker ad showed up on the feed of my Facebook. Curious…I clicked on the link and found myself browsing their website. Buying glasses online is a risky ordeal, because glasses are something you have to try on to see if it works with your face shape.
Warby Parker tackles this dilemma wonderfully. You are allowed to choose up to 5 frames and Warby Parker ships the frames FOR FREE to your home for a free trial.
You try on your chosen frames, ship it back and then buy your favorite frame(s) with you eye prescription online.
I chose the frames called “Haskell in Crystal
My glasses took much longer than the estimated shipment arrival day, but when I contacted Warby Parker they were very understanding and were willing to re-ship my order if it did not arrive in the next couple of days.
Thankfully the glasses finally arrived! And it was like Christmas all over again~
The box is very elegant. I believe with any packaging you should always be simple. It is a nice ash gray and it has the company’s name engraved in the middle.
Inside the box is a glasses compact case. It is lovely, the texture is what really called my attention it is a bit hard to describe…it is rough but smooth…does that make sense? Anyways, it is very elegant just like the box it came it.
Then you open the compact case and in it are the glasses. As well as a little carry on pouch that is as soft as silk! I am currently using the pouch for my sunglasses.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my new Warby Parker glasses. The delayed arrival did bother me a bit since my previous glasses were giving me massive headaches as I switched from correct prescription contact lenses to incorrect prescription eyeglasses…but now it is all good!
Check me out~
These glasses are much lighter in weight than my previous pair. Sometimes I forget that I have them on!!
Shipping: 3/5
Price: 5/5
Comfort: 6/5
Overall: 5/5

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  1. Hi, Ally! It’s great that the online glasses store has a way for customers to choose the frames they want first-hand. It’s really hard to judge sometimes how a frame would look on you without trying it on. And the packaging looks really superb! Congrats on that amazing find, and I hope you’re very satisfied with your new glasses. Good day!Lucius Calhoun @ Bolton Vision Centre

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