The Sad Ghost Club by Lize Meddings

The Sad Ghost Club is a delightful graphic novel that covers how it feels to have a mental illness day to day. Unlike other stories feature mental illnesses this story isn’t about the struggles or the heartbreaking moments that comes with it. It’s just your average everyday survival and realising you’re not alone.

Our main protagonist feels like a invisible like a ghost. Hence the whole ghost get up. One day they get invited to a party, and spends the whole day fretting if they should go or not. When they go they discover another ghost and begins to realise that maybe there might be more ghosts like them? Together they talk about their worries, anxiety and the feeling of being invisible.

This story is so real and there were many moments that reminded me of my own feelings. It was a nice comfort to be reminded that I was not like a ghost, stuck in my own head and emotions.

Based on Lize Meddings beautiful short stories on Instagram, The Sad Ghost Club is a reminder that you’re not alone and the scariest moments can surprise you and become something wonderful — like a new friendship.

If you’re a fan of Heartstopper and Jennifer Niven then this book needs to be on your TBR ASAP.

Thanks to Hachette Australia for a finished copy of the book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

The Sad Ghost Club : Volume 1 - Lize MeddingsPublisher: Hachette Australia
Pages: 208
Publication Date: 27 January 2021
RRP: $22.99 AUD
Personal Rating: 5/5

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