Syrena Legacy | Book Review

Imagine the possibility of talk to fish, swimming to the depths of the ocean without your ears popping and maybe even having a fin tale to help get past harsh currents.

Imagine the idea of mermaids or merefolk singing Under the Sea (not really).

The Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks is a trilogy that consists of:

Of Poseidon
Of Triton
Of Neptune

that follows these merepeople, except they call themselves Syrenas.(much cooler name if you ask me)

In this story you follow the life of a young girl named Emma as she discovers that she isn’t exactly all human…*hinthint* Along side with the Prince of the Triton Kingdom, Galen, who has been sent to land to find a girl who can apparently communicate with fish (iwonderwhothatis). When Emma and Galen crash into each other –literally – an adventure brews as Emma helps Galen save his Kingdom from COMPLETE DESTRUCTION! Not really, but Emma aids Galen with the troubles that are bubbling under the sea.

Disclaimer: Romance sparks between Emma and Galen….duh.

I do not want to give too much about the story plot because I want you lovely people to actually go on and read it but…the story begins with a very heart wrenching scene since someone dies and you’re are just like “Whoa what”.  Once all that is over with and the story rolls along between Emma’s and Galen’s point you will be in for some craziness…be prepared for a few plot twists (that you can see coming if you pay attention closely to the clues Banks gives).

I really enjoyed that the story did not focus on the romance between Galen and Emma, their relationship was part of the story and made it move forward, but it was not the main point. Banks goes into vast detail creating the world of the Syrena; how they work, what they do, how they look and where they live. On land and under water, she even gives readers bit of history of the Syrena that helps the story move along, and keep it going.

She even makes you fall in love with a whale…yup that’s right… a whale. The cutest whale of the world (you’ll see).

So go to your nearest bookstore or library and pick up a copy Of Poseidon and dive into -hah get it?- the word of the Syrenas.

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