Spring Tea

Tea has been part of my life for a couple years now. I don’t exactly remember when I became infatuated with tea…probably around age 14/15. I also don’t remember what came upon me to start liking tea….maybe it was because I did not like coffee? Who knows…what’s important now is that tea is part of my life and it is here to stay (FOREVER).
Recently, I have been in drinking loads of fruity green tea blends. Just like fashion, I feel like your tea routine should change to fit the weather and environment.
For the springy weather (that does not exist here in Miami, but I pretend it does) I usually go for herbal flowery blends that usually consist of whites and oolongs. I don’t understand what happened this year but I decided to be fruity rather than flowery. ( I blame the lack of actual Spring )
The teas that I have been drinking:
*Green Matcha
*Blueberry Bliss + Pineapple Kona Pop blend
*Camomile with Honey and Vanilla
*Peach and Jasmine Blend

*Various green teas
These are the teas that I am currently drinking. And yes…I am aware it is mostly Teavana…but after discovering that place there has been no stoping me. 90% of all the teas I own are from there. But mostly because I do not know where else to go for delicious loose leaf tea. Any recommendations?





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