Sloan’s Ice Cream Shop

There is the cutest ice cream shop hidden in West Palm Beach. It resides in an open plaza where music is always ringing and people flood in and out. Tourists and residents.

Sloan’s is an ice cream shop that captures the eyes of many of those who dare walk by.
From its sign to its decor. This ice cream shop screams, “Come on in!”. It reminds me a lot of a cartoon with its decoration. If you believe that entrance is adorable and captivating…dare to look inside.


It is not just an ice cream shop with savory homemade ice cream…but a shop with cute little nick nacks of ll sorts. Stuff animals, toys, unicorns on a stick, funny bandaids and semi-fallic nacks.


All sorts of sweets reside inside (though it’s ice cream is all I had). There is fudge, truffles, cake/cake pops, macaroons, caramel apples, gummy bears…the list goes on!
(Cake lollis)
(Fudge Cameral Apples)
(Candy, Gummies, and more candy)
(Fudge pops and Caramel apples)

(Sparkly cake pops)

If I had enough stomach I would have probably tried everything single thing in the store, but every time I return I try to have a new sweet (I’ve tried four of their many flavours ice creams)

(The ice cream counter filled cute nick nacks)


This a possible eating area for the delicious sweets Sloan’s has to offer. I feel like a resident of Candy Land everything I take a seat in there. It’s like a childhood dream come true with all the cute and frilly shenanigans
I recommend this place to anyone who happens to tell me that they are crossing paths in West Palm Beach.
Sloan’s is one of the best
ice cream shops I have ever been to! If you ever happen to be in West Palm Beach take a few minutes of your day to go to West Palm Beach City Plaza and go to the best ice cream shop beside the Panera. Childhoods will be relived here!

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