#readwomen December

Living in Miami during winter times might seem like a bore. Nothing expressed in every Christmas film known to man will occur down here in warm, sticky Florida. While this might be disheartening to some (AKA me) recreating the magic of Christmas is easy.
You don’t need cold winter nights under the blanket. Or cute earmuff to protect your ears from the harsh icy winds winter has to offer. Snow? Nope.
Even though the typical winter wonderland will be all but a daydream here in Miami. You can still make your home Christmas wonderland and do all the things the people up north do…like drinking hot chocolate (in 80F+ degree weather).
My wintery season will mostly consist of reading books and drinking hot drinks during the hot weather.
Alongside enjoying the wonderful holiday season, I will participate in a wonderful trend called #readwomen. It is a wonderful trend that all of you should participate as well!

Dedicate all the books you plan on reading to just women authors. If a woman wrote a story and published it with her beautiful name on the cover, pick it up and read it! Let’s show support and appreciation to all the wonderful female authors that grace us with such wonderful stories and adventures!

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