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In a couple of days I will be embarking on the first big adventure in my life. In just a few days I will be boarding a massive plane to ride in the sky for about 13 hours straight to Japan. (well with a layover in Canada).

I have never been to a new place without my family. Going to a foreign place with the protective presence of family makes being a new place not as scary. This time the protective family bubble will be missing. It will be just me.

Me…alone…in the country of the rising sun…oh boy.

I have always had this giant fear of being alone in an unknown place. It is bad enough to feel lost at life, but it is much worse to actually be lost, like actually physically lost. This whole concept sends me into a state of panic. A little pathetic I know.

Though, I will not be by myself in my six-week stay in Japan. When the time comes for me to take the train down to Kyoto I will be sticking to my friend Franz like glue. He will be responsible for taking charge of all the scary situations that could arise. But before gluing myself to someone else, I will spend three long days in the capital of the rising sun. Three freaking days. All by myself. Lord help me.

Don’t get me wrong. I am super excited about being in a big city all by myself buuut, at the same time I am internally screaming. Very conflicting feelings right?

In order to help me calm down, I have created a small schedule to keep my nerves at ease (hopefully). But enough of that~

In order to survive this long haul flight I have been doing a lot of research and I am prepared! Or at least I hope I am, because….I might go crazy sitting in a small chair for who knows how long. (well 13 hours).

One of the key things for long haul flight is comfort! For my flight to Japan I have gone for cozy leggings that I purchased a while back through Amazon, a knitted beige cardigan from Forever 21 and the softest shirt in the world from Cotton On. There is no harm in looking cute and comfortable~


Then there are these extremely tacky socks that I stumbled upon in my University’s bookstore (because Uni bookstores sell clothes for some reason). I wore them on the car ride to New Orleans a while back and my feet were super cozy and did not swell (so plus for me). Though, I don’t think I will be sporting them when I am loitering in the airport. I will wear them during the plane ride, beginning to end~!

Now let’s have a look what I will be carrying in my bag.

Being a giant book nerd it is a big must to have my kindle! Recently I have a bunch of new books I am ready to dive into. There is also my laptop, which will probably not be used on the plane, but I am not crazy to put it in my luggage. My 2DS, I have Majora’s Mask to defeat, Pokemons to train, and puzzles to solve.

My new travel journal (attempting something new). My camera, because that baby is not going in my luggage either.

Headphones, eye mask, contacts, phone, charging cables, battery, external hard drive and snacks.

And finally small amount of toiletries such as creams, make up, perfume and germ-x so I don’t come out of the plane smelling and looking like a gross person.

And don’t forget wallet, travel documents and your passport!

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