Off To The Down Under

My next adventure has begun. I will be visiting the not small island of Australia. It is a bit odd, after two summers in Japan I am going to Australia (it is kinda close to Japan…kinda). It is even odder that I have to pack autumn/winter clothes instead of summer clothes (btw it is always opposite day in Australia).
I will be staying in Sydney, which turns out to NOT be the capital of Australia…(it is Canberra) for an entire month. I know I know, Sydney doesn’t count as all of Australia, but my university student lifestyle and budget can only allow for so much, plus I have some super friends in Sydney that will keep me from feeling lonely in a new place.
Some fun facts about Sydney, Australia
 – It is illegal to hold a koala in New South Wales unless you have a fancy license to hold one.
 – Kinder eggs are legal
 – There is a suburb called Newtown and it is not new
 – You can’t hug koalas
 – They have pretty decent public transportation (unlike Miami..)
 – The University of Sydney has a building that looks like a castle
 – Most of the museums are free
 – You cannot hug or hold koalas 

Watch out for this tropical bird leave her comfort zone tackle autumn in the place where everything is out to kill you.


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