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I am, like a good chunk of the reading community, a Harry Potter fan. While I personally did not get truly 100% into the Harry Potter fandom until after the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007. I never really experienced a midnight release in my local bookstore Harry Potter style, but I have attended Harry Potter based conferences like Leakycon, Geekycon, and Universal Studios Harry Potter Celebrations.
I consider myself a Harry Potter fan. A Potterhead. A Ravenclaw.
I’ve devoted myself a lot of time into this universe (along with a lot of money). I remember staying up till 4am, when Pottermore was a giant mystery, to solve the secret riddle to obtain the secret code in order to become one of the first BETA testers. I remember watching the live broadcast of the final Harry Potter red-carpet premiere in London. I remember going to the midnight release with my best friend at the time and crying my eyes out when the final credits rolled across the black screen. I remember begging my dad to take me to Universal Studios to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
When I read the last words, “All was well”. I was pretty upset because:
2) No more Harry Potter.
3) So many unanswered questions!
When Pottermore was announced I am pretty sure the whole fandom broke. Excited. Crying. All the feels. Legit Sorting Hat Test by the Queen herself! Wizards! Hogwarts! Duels!…and then we experienced a major disappointment. From not choosing our own usernames to lack of music, to house identity crisis, to a boring time.
Thankfully all the new information the Queen uploaded satisfied this girl and majority of the fandom. New canon information to give all of us, and allow us to expand our knowledge of the Wizarding World Universe. And brewing potions and earning house points was fun.
I sound like I am complaining, but I am not. I am happy, but I am also scared. Worried even. As more information is added there is more, aggravation? in the fandom…whether they don’t agree with a canon or if their headcanon was destroyed.
This brings me to the topic of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
When it was first announced, the fandom rose and freaked out. WE WERE BACK IN BUSINESS!
8th story? YES!
Sequel to DH? YES!
Older Characters? YES!
Second Generation? YES!
Black Hermoine? YES!
Two parts? YES!
Only in West End London? wait…what.. NO!! That’s not fair.
Soon after the binding of the rehearsal scripts were announced and we were all screaming for joy! Midnight Harry Potter release once more….but most of us came to the realization that while The Queen, Ms. J.K Rowling, had her name in big bold letters on the book, she herself did not write the story.
Is it canon? PANIC!
But even in this slight fear the Harry Potter fandom, along with myself, had our robes and wands ready for another adventure.
Fast forward to July 31st
Book is out.
I see the fandom split to: THIS WAS AMAZING to WTF IS THIS BS!
I personally was out of the country when it got released and seeing these two sides induced massive fear in me. Watching the fandom split into these two sides…even though they were both (well most of them) very nice about their opinions.
It got me thinking. When will it be too much Wizarding World? Maybe it is best to have unanswered questions in order to have thousands of fan theories and headcanons. Will it get to the point that I will start disliking HP because the way the world gets built?
Now with the announcement of the three new e-books:
I am even more on edge. For I no longer know what to expect and I am scared to read them, along with Cursed Child. (Although knowing me I will purchase them release date.)


As much as I want to learn about the world, and other wizard schools. I want to keep the sense of what-ifs and mysteries of what is might be. I feel like it adds to our very own magic. It is what makes Harry Potter so unique I believe. BUT, at the same time I want to learn more about this world and I want J.K. Rowling to keep writing.
Also, I can’t wait this Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them OMG!

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