Japan | Studying and Sushi

My day began at 6am where I woke up to study and review. I got ready, ate breakfast and headed to Ritsumeikan where I studied some more before lessons began for the day.

Nothing exciting happened to me today, nor in the class. Class came and went. We “reviewed”, it was more like “Know everything you studied so far, good luck”. Then we had an hour of self study, and then we went over our class skit.
I forgot to document my lunch like always. During lunch I finished working on my presentation for the FIU class. 
Today Komura sensei brought us creme puffs and it was really yummy. Why are all yummy food fattening and bad for you?
I kinda wanted to study during the presentations, but that would have been a bit rude.
After class was over I headed back to the accomdations to continue studying. I fell asleep in the bus and nearly missed my stop too!
 At around 6/7 I went to dinner with Yao, Mitch and Elaine. We had sushi.

Then I took them to the French bakery where I bought myself a treat.
I feel like I am the only taking this exam seriously. Most of the students from FIU don’t seem to care (they are currently partying in the room below me, I can hear them). Mitch and Yao don’t plan on studying cause they really don’t care. My roommate has been sleeping on and off all day while watching YouTube videos. Elaine cares a bit, but it is not as big as a priority compared to her online classes. Most of the kids in my class seemed to shrug off the idea that our final exam is tomorrow and it makes me feel a bit weird cause I really want to do well. Hopefully I do or else I don’t know what I will do. 
Also, sorry that there will be no video up today. All I’ve been doing has been studying and that is a bit boring to watch. 

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