Japan | Shibuya and Tokyo Tower

My second day in Tokyo was definitely much better than the first. It began at 4am when hunger woke me up. Obviously at this time nothing was open…so I waited. It was about 7am when I officially left my hostel in the search for breakfast. It was a little café a 3 minute from the hostel called Domutor. There I ordered an egg sandwich that came with green tea and it was delicious. Once breakfast was over I headed to Shibuya District.

In this district I went to the Amway Japan HQ and later got invited to a basketball event hosted by XS.
Yumina Kudo was my tour guide for the HQ, and later took me out to my first Japanese meal. I would mention the name of said restaurant but there was not a lick of English anywhere. There I ate grilled fish

I had to eat with chopsticks and eating that grilled fish with chopsticks was a mission, but I prevailed and ate the whole thing. (chopsticks make really crummy knifes). During lunch time Kudo-san and I talked about our personal lives and what not. What was really interesting is that she told me that I ate fish beautifully (…weird right?). She explained that the way you eat describes the way a family raised their child, and eating fish is one of the most difficult thing to do. And since I did not make a mess like most people do she was complimenting my family about the manners I have been taught (Thank you mom).
After the 3-3 basketball game I returned to Shibuya (without a map!). There I visited a record shop and purchased One OK Rock’s latests CD.

Then I went exploring in Shibuya 109. Shibuya 109 is like a women’s Macy but it is high street…and Asian size (so much disappointment). I bought socks, because it was all that could actually fit me.

I spent a long while in Shibuya, from 3pm-6ish. There I also visited the CUTEST Disney Store in the world. And yes I know what you’re thinking, “You are in Japan and you go to Disney store?”. Watch my video and see how this Disney Store is better than any store in America (and I also needed to purchase my Disney Sea ticket) 

Last minute I decided that I wanted to go Tokyo Tower (because why not). Also by this I have gotten the hang of the train system! So be proud.

So…I went to see Tokyo Tower and I ended up in a One Piece (an anime) Café. I was hungry at the time and I couldn’t find a ramen shop that did not serve pork…so might as well. It is called Café Mugiwara (based on the show).

There I had a theme meal, dessert and drink.

This was called Nami’s Tangerine Curry, (tangerines are Nami’s favorite food). It was the right type of spicy and sweet, it made my taste buds tingle.

This was called Zoro’s, “Three-Sword Fencing” Citrus Squash. (Zoro is known for using three swords for battle, hence three straws). The taste was awful at first, but after a bit it was okay. It was probably the squash that made it taste extremely weird.

Chopper’s Snow Covered Mont Blanc. This is designed after the snow-covered mountain of Chopper’s memory. It was like a creamy vanilla cheesecake with cake batter filing in the middle. It was my favorite dish of the three!
After eating I finally took the elevator up to the first observatory deck of Tokyo Tower
Then paid (again) to go to the second observatory deck.
After my sightseeing in Tokyo Tower I went back to my hostel and died (jk)

Have at someone of the loot I accumulated.

By the way…I walked 10 miles

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrvMOjh59QM&w=420&h=315]

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