Japan | Monkeys and Gion

My day began around 9. It was so nice to sleep in for so late. First time since I have arrived to Japan! I lazied around for a bit while I got ready to go on an adventure. For breakfast I ate blueberry creme oatmeal (yay not toast).

Originally I was suppose to go to Monkey Park in arashiyama with Riley, but he didn’t want to go out till 1pm (which was super late). At 10:30ish I headed out Arashiyama all by myself. I took the train line because it would have been so much faster to go by train to monkey park than bus. At first I was a little confused because I needed to do a train transfer, but I was not sure if I needed two train tickets or if just the one would work. I ended buying two (later finding out that I was fine with just the one). Monkey park was about a 10 minute walk from the station. 
I knew the monkey park was a hike up a mountain. I unfortunately did not know how log and steep it was. Also, the other day I semi-hurt my ankle and the climbing made it a bit worse. So my climb up was much slower than it was suppose be. A 20 minute hike became like an hour. But the monkeys were so worth the ache, pain and dehydration. 
They were so cute…yet frightening at the same time. I fed them apples that they were selling in the little cottage, and the big monkeys were being mean to the baby monkey! They kept stealing the poor baby’s apples and throwing off the railing. Adults are so rude to the young. After spending about half an hour in the monkey place I headed back down the monkey. (Going down is much easier than going up cause gravity). 
I got on the train back to the accomdations and met up with Franz in the station. We went back to my room where I got visited by one of the landowners who told us that our old room was fixed and to move back. ( a week before we leave). I was so angry. Around 2:30 Mitch was back and we went to lunch with Franz. We were originally going to a Spanish restaurant but it was closed so we went to a random Japanese one instead. 
Then the three of us walked around Teramachi before Franz left us as he went to a free concert at a CD shop. Mitch and I walked around Gion District for a few hours looking at all the pretty architecture and just appreciating all the cool things they had to offer. 
Gion has the most beautiful gardens. Mitch and I got lost in them for about an hour before we found an exit. 
We separated for a while as he went to shower and I went to move from 303 to 401. Around 8 Mitch came to my accommodations and then went to get dinne
r at the Spanish place.

Mitch said that it was the best Spanish food he ever had. And I sorta agreed with him, the Spanish food was very well done and authentic to be made in Japan. I ant wait until he has Hispanic food when he comes to Florida next summer.

After eating till our bellies were filled. Mitch and I returned to my room and watched the beginning of The Theory of Everything and then started playing konpira fune fune.


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