Japan | Final Exam and Strolling

My day began at 6am. It was test day and I was super nervous. I studied for a bit before quickly getting ready and getting on a bus to school. I was at Ritsumeikan by 7ish and I studied once again with Elaine (she made me a quick study guide, because she is an angel ).

The final came and went. And I don’t give myself enough credit on how much I learnt and knew until I began the exam. There were of corse, a few questions that left me stumped and I think I got it wrong, but it is okay. After crying it out a bit, I told myself that if I don’t get an A I will be okay, and I will work hard during the fall semester to soften the blow from the Japanese class.
I also got my presentation grade back and I got an A. Which made me very happy! 
During lunch time I took some Polaroid pictures with some of the buddies and felt very sad because the program is almost over!

After lunch Mitch, Franz, Hikaru and I went to Teramachi to shop around and then we went to a ramen shop where Mitch and I shared a bowl. I also had Matcha Milk tea which was godly! I might return before I leave.
Then we played around in some arcades before we decided to go a Korean restaurant near the French bakery and we snacked. 

Tomorrow is my last excursion and it is cooking with a professional Japanese cook! I am looking forward to it but at the same time I’m not…because it means less days and less time with all the wonderful people I have met so far.

Thankfully, Hikaru and Elaine are coming to Miami for Thanksgiving!! And Maho will come in February, and Mitch will come in August. 
I plan on maintaining contact with all these people because they made this trip a blast! And I want to be their friends for as long as I can.


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