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I was in ninth grade and Borders was still a semi-stable bookstore company. I do not remember what led me to ask my mom to buy me a complete set of books…but I did. I think we were looking for a book I needed for my English class or something, but on that day I returned home with the complete paperback set of Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. My memory is fuzzy on how quickly I devoured the stories, but on 2010 I continued the journey of the Greek world of Camp-Half Blood with the new Heroes of Olympus series.


Six years later I am proud to say that I am slutcrazy for Riordan’s stories. I also discovered my love for Percy Jackson (my favorite book character of all time…presently). It was Riordan who put me back on the reading bandwagon after my…vampire literature phase…
The stories of Percy Jackson (at least the first five books) we watch Percy grow in each book. Much like Harry in the Harry Potter series. Percy is a demigod, the son of Greek god Poseidon, and he learns that being a demigod sucks and it is not something he would wish upon anyone. He didn’t ask to be a demigod. I was 14 when I read the first book and Percy was 12, even though he was younger than me, I wanted my life to be a crazy deadly adventure like his. (I know…wtf?)
Today I just pray to the heavens my poor baby survives another quest. And question Riordan’s butchering of Percy’s inner demons in Blood of Olympus. Sorry getting side-tracked.

I have branched off and dabbled in Riordan’s other mythology pools. I have met Carter and Sadie Kane, Egyptian magicians, who have to make sure the world doesn’t turn into sand as they try to figure out how to bring back Ra. Even though I have only read the first book of the Kane Chronicles trilogy I know I am in for another great adventure. Filled a bunch of gods, demons, and Goth God of Hotness.2: Anubis.



Recently, Riordan released a new series. A Norse series called: Mango Cheese Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. I absolutely loved it, Magnus is my fictional son and if anything happens to him I might send Uncle Rick a very angry 10-page letter.


Something I absolutely love about Riordan’s stories is that they all connect. All these Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse gods are in the same universe. I like this, because I do not completely agree with Christianity and their whole concept of only being one single god. Of course, these books are not religious at all, so no worries.
In his three mythology series there are subtle hints of the other stories. In the Kane Chronicles there are subtle hints of Percy’s world and his gods. Carter’s uncle warned them that Manhattan is inhabited by other gods so he needed to be careful (which left Carter extremely confused). There is even a cross-over (that I have not read) where Carter and Percy meet, along with Sadie and Annabeth!
Then in Magnus Chase…who is Annabeth Chase’s cousin (she is a Greek demigod, daughter of Athena), there are a bunch of hints and shade thrown about Greek series.
Can you tell that I really like Rick Riordan’s stories? I own practically all his mythology stuff…someone send help.
Next May he is publishing a new series based of the world of Camp Half-Blood called Apollo’s Trials… and I wont be here!!! I might actually cry if I get spoiled…

I just…augh! I need help!

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