Gudetama Cafe

Something that is Japan Dake (only) is character themed cafes. There is a larger variety of character cafes, such as: Sailor Moon, One Piece, Alice in Wonderland, Gudetama…ect.

Gudetama is a character from the Sanrio company…and he is a lazy egg. He is the definition of someone who has no motivation to do absolutely anything and just melts onto the floor. Gudetama’s name comes from a play on words of gude gude ( no energy or strength ) and tamago (egg). Hence, lazy egg.

In Shijo Kawaramachi there is currently a Gudetama themed cafe thanks to the collaboration with Maccha House.

I went to the adorable cafe with my friend Chelsea ( Gaijin in Japan ) and we went during not “lunch time” time and we waited in line for over an hour! Once we finally made into the shop we paid for the meal we wanted ( just like any cafe) and headed upstairs to take a seat.

The cafe is tiny, it had a capacity of about 20 people max, but there were usually 8-10 at a time. The cafe was decked out with Gudetama’s face plastered over…pretty much everything. The lanterns, the walls, the food, the tables.

I ordered an ice matcha latte and a baked chicken and egg bowl (it had rice underneath). The latte was amazing, the whipped cream was the thickest and smoothest whipped cream I have ever had in my life! And the matcha drizzle? I cried from happiness. Also the Gudetama theme in this drink was  the marshmallow that was sporting Gudetama’s butt!
The meal itself was very mediocre, but I was hungry during that time that it tasted like heaven had just dropped the most delicious eggs and chicken in the world into my bowl. When in reality it was just a bowl of rice with chicken and scrambled egg…that costed be about 11 USD. Pretty pricey if you ask me.


Chelsea and I then split a matcha partfait which had matcha (obviously) and various traditional Kyoto sweets, like ankan ( sweet red beans ), green tea ice cream, and green tea jellys.
The cafe is open till May 8th! So if you are in Kyoto during before then make sure to stop by the Gudetama x Maccha House in order to experience some Gudetama cuteness, even if it is to just drink a latter with a friend~
Gudetama x MACCHA HOUSE Matcha-ka
Address: 382-2 Komeyacho, Kawaramachidori Shijou Agaru, Nakagyouku, Kyotoshi
From March 18 – May 8
Open: 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. (last order 9:00 p.m.)



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