Fictional Guys Have Ruined My Life

The title says it all. Fictional guys have pretty much ruined my life and expectations for anything (and everything).
As someone who has read about 200+ books in last 5-7 years I can proudly say that I have fallen in love with several people. All being fictional. (*cue in music*)
I cannot remember who my first love was, but I can name my current ones (your read correctly, there is an “S” there).
The thing about fictional guys is that they are flawed and perfect.
He can be the crowned prince of a country, but underneath the beautiful blonde hair and brown eyes is a caring sarcastic puppy that needs to be held. He can be half-human with sea-green eyes and face that turns from killer to sweetheart in a matter of seconds. He can be a geek that is into tweed jackets and journalism as he discovers that he can see into the future. Or maybe he can a scary thief that will rip out the eyes of any person who hurts the one he likes. ( don’t forget cute princes that betray and hurt you!)
There are a lot of them…
The thing is, when you step into the shoes of the protagonist of the story…their life becomes yours. You are part of their thoughts and actions, and when they start falling in love with another person…well so do you.
While you are off saving the world, finding yourself or having an adventure…you are also falling in love with the guy next you. (Leading guy or not).
I, personally, strongly dislike most romance novels, because the main character has this instant falling in love thing that is SOOOO unrealistic. I hate when romance leads the plot, because it is so predictable. They meet and have instant falling in love moment, then there is a problem and their relationship is at risk, finally everything works out THE END.
I know what you are thinking; ALL ROMANCES USUALLY FOLLOW THAT SCHEME. Yes. You are right, but when there is more than romance in a story it becomes more fun. Do I make sense? The leading lady has to safe the world and figure out if the butterflies are her nerves or dokidoki feelings for a guys.
I love Maxon, Throne, Kaz, Percy, David, Kell, Dorian, Magnus (Falling Kingdoms), and Howl…just to name a few.
It is hard, because you pretty much compare every guys you meet to all these fictional guys and are like, “Nope, you’re nothing like x-character. You’re not good enough for meeeeee”
Welcome to my life.

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2 responses to “Fictional Guys Have Ruined My Life”

  1. OMG! I completely agree with you! The more I read, the higher my expectations are and the more disappointed I am of guys around me. They aren't as cute, cool, or awesome as the guys I read about lol! Your blog is adorable by the way!

  2. Haha thank you!!Guys around me will never meet the bar because the bar is so high and every time I meet a new guys in the world of fiction…well it goes up higher xD

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