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In the YA world, it is currently very popular to re-tell a classic story. Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, you name it. They grab the basic premise of these classic tales and turn them upside down. Maybe Cinderella is a cyborg? Snow White is actually a warrior. The Beast is human. The possibilities are endless.
Fairytale retellings not just popular in the YA novel world, but in films and tv series. Once Upon a Time is a very popular fairytale retelling where all these classic (and uncopyrighted) favorites shine in new light, with a twist to their stories…like Peter Pan actually being a villain…
Anyways, I am not here to talk about Once Upon a Time or Ella Enchanted, I was to talk about books.
For the month of November I will be reading several retellings of classic fairytales. I do not have a quirky name for the month, but something along the lines of November Retold or Twisted Fairytales November.  I honestly do not know! I am no good with quirky names. Point is, the theme for November is fairytales retold or with a twist.
I already have my TBR prepare for this month and I hope I can tackle all these books.
I will begin with the Lunar Chronicle series by Marissa Meyer. This series is a retelling of Cinderella, Snow White, Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel. It is set several hundred years in the future and in China…well New Beijing and Cinder (aka Cinderella) is the main character of the whole series.
I have already read Cinderand I was fascinated with the hole plot and idea. Cinder is a cyborg with immunity to a very deadly disease that is plaguing the world. Oh! And there is a civilization called the Lunars that live on the Moon that want to take over the Earth. So we follow the story Cinder as she lives her daily life and finds herself in unusual circumstances.
Then we have Scarlet, and here we explore Red Riding Hood’s story along side Cinder’s…I have not read Scarlet but it is the first book on my TBR. I promise!
Next there is Cress, and it follows Rapunzel’s storyline, kinda. And of course Cinder.
Then Winter is the final book in the series. Winter is not out yet but I have it pre-ordered and it will arrive to my doorstep (hopefully) on the day it is released!
After I am done with The Lunar Chronicles I will be continuing The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer.
I have already read the first two books of the series, The Wishing Spell and The Enchantress Returns. The next book that I have to read is A Grimm Warning…and Beyond the Kingdoms (but I don’t own this one).
The Land of Storiesis a more innocent retelling of the classic Grimm Brother Stories, where we follow the tale of twins, Alex and Conner, and how their lives are connected to these stories and people.


THEN! If I still have enough time in the month of November I will be exploring the world of The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. This story is a retelling of A Thousand and One Nights.
I have never read this classic story, so I honestly don’t know what to expect. All I know is the a woman got out of a death sentence by telling a story to a prince/king each night until he fell in love with her or something. All I know about this retelling is that it is darker than the original story…but I am honestly clueless.
Hopefully I can read all these books by the end of November!
I also have business cards now! What do you guys think? I think they are so cute~


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