Deliverance of the Blessed by A.B. Endacott

This short fantasy standalone novel delved into a world of magic full of rules and mystery, but what made it a fantastic read was that the magic was not the main plot point, but the actions people make due to grief and how they attempt to move forward with it.

In Deliverance of the Blessed, you follow the story of Kaylene, a young woman who lives in the First Country. Kaylene is trapped in the Sanctuary to protect others from her Blessed power to control plant life. However, life in the Sanctuary was bearable; she had friends, a life and a lover. Sadly one day, her lover, Luka, dies in a tragic accident, and Kaylene’s world falls apart. Then on the day she decided to stop living, she ran into an ancient one who gave her the spark of hope she needed— a way to bring Luka back. Soon she and her friend embark on an emotional journey through hope and grief to get Luka back no matter the cost.

Like most high fantasy novels, this book starts out relatively slow, and you have to push through the world-building and the initial set up before the story becomes something you cannot put down!

The story explores different forms of healing — whether it is from loss, grief, neglect or betrayal. The connections of these themes made Deliverance of the Blessed more than a fantasy story but a human one. It was full of character growth mixed with the messiness that comes with human emotions.

I refuse to believe this is a standalone book; it has so much potential to become a fantastic series following what it means to be human in a world that does not accept your gifts.

I look forward to the possibility of learning more about Kaylene and her friends! I have so many questions, and much like grief, there are so many unresolved things hanging in the air.

Publisher: A B Endacott
Pages: 233
Publication Date: January 31st 2021
RRP: $17.00 AUD
Personal Rating: 4/5

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